Non-profit organizations face more than the usual challenges in today’s economy.  Whether your organization depends on public financing or operates entirely on private philanthropy, dollars are limited.

If your non-profit operates or supports reform-focused public schools, the availability of state and local dollars has a direct impact on your ability to deliver the resources and services that result in high quality education. Here in California, the limited public dollars for education make it nearly impossible to do so without philanthropic support. This added pressure can be daunting to both new and established schools and management organizations, as well as non-profits that support their efforts.

KBC can help your organization develop sound strategies and tools to increase your fundraising revenues, improve your external communications and marketing, and support the development of a board of directors that is effectively engaged in the fundraising process. Marshaling more than two decades of experience working with the education philanthropy community, local and state leaders, and the media, KBC will help you target your fundraising and communications for the greatest effect.

KBC will work with your fundraising team to develop the optimal strategies to increase your philanthropic gifts in all areas:

  • Foundation and Corporate Grants
  • Individual Giving
  • Major Gifts
  • Capital Campaigns

KBC will help your team maintain a strong, positive community presence by developing key communications strategies. When effectively implemented, these practices will support teacher and student recruitment, fundraising, community relationships, and board development.

  • Media Relations
  • Constituent Outreach
  • Marketing
  • Community Outreach

Board Development
KBC will work with executive and board leadership teams to develop strategies that optimize your board culture and membership, promoting engaged fundraisers, thoughtful overseers, and effective ambassadors for your organization.

  • Board Expansion
  • Board Training in Fundraising Practices
  • Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Board Retreats